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How The Prayer Dare will help you:

Just about everybody prays at some time or another. When we’re in a tough spot, we’re likely to pray more. Most people understand that prayer is important, for it is one way we can connect to God. But most people confess that they don’t pray enough.

Why don’t we pray more? My guess is that it is because we don’t realize how important prayer is, we aren’t quite sure how to pray, or because we don’t experience answers to our prayers. The Prayer Dare dares you to learn why prayer is so important, how you can pray more effectively, and to help you discover how you can see more of your prayers answered. I began keeping a prayer journal some thirty years ago, and, at this point, I have recorded over 40,000 answers to specific prayer requests. Hardly a day passes when I do not see God answer one or more of my prayers. I want you to discover the same excitement in your relationship with God. The book invites you into a 40-day experience where, if you stay at it, you will grow deeper in your relationship with God.


Ron Kincaid

About Ron Kincaid

Ron Kincaid has served as the head pastor of Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland, Oregon the past 29 years. He is the author of Praying for Guidance: How to Discover God’s Will, Secrets to Deciding Wisely, A Celebration of Disciplemaking and co-author with his wife Jorie of In-Laws: Getting Along with Your Other Family. He received his Master of Divinity from Trinity University and Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Seminary. He and his wife are the parents of nine children and live in Portland, Oregon.